Cape Association of Modelling Agencies

Dear Parents

We would like to introduce CAMA to you.
CAMA stands for the Cape Association of Modelling Agencies.
The association is non-profit and its members are agents who are concerned about their model’s interests and those of the industry as a whole.
The association works on issues such as standardizing rates, working conditions, agreements and advancing the interests of the modeling industry.
Kids Inc is a member of the association.

There is a document under the “Parents Guide to the Industry” tab called frequently asked questions. We would really appreciate your taking the time to go through it. Some of you may have already read a similar document from the South African Association of Stills Producers (SAASP) and their CEO has given us permission to edit and change the document to be relevant to the commercial and stills industry.

Our motivation for informing models of the “Parents Guide to the Industry” is that the agencies would like the parents to have an understanding of how the industry operates. Those of you who have been involved for a while will already know that there can be a lot of running around and a lot of sacrifice involved.

There are two issues that we would like to draw your attention that have been causing consistent problems.

Non attendance at castings

Request castings are very important to the clients. Many of them have traveled for hours from overseas, arrived at the airport and gone straight into a casting session. If sufficient children do not arrive at the casting then expense is incurred by the client in having to recast and also results in “last minute” castings. Many of the agencies that are CAMA members have fought long and hard to eliminate “cattle market” castings and we would not like them to be reintroduced in order for a client to ensure that enough children arrive at the casting to make choices from for the shoot. In addition to this the production companies have spent time and money marketing South Africa for the benefit of all of us.


Please make sure that you understand exactly what options are and the implications of an option. If there is anything you do not understand please contact your agent and discuss it. Clients rely very heavily on the information that your agents give them regarding your child’s availability. If you commit to being available then you must remain available, bearing in mind that not every location is a convenient one to drive to and that call times may be early. Canceling an option, and particularly a booking, causes a serious problem. If you cancel due to illness please be prepared to obtain a doctor’s certificate if requested by the client.

We understand that this is an industry full of inconveniences and being a part of it does not suit everyone. It requires immense commitment from parents and children alike and we really appreciate those that have committed themselves to being apart of this industry with us.